Battle in my mind

I’m having a bad night so I thought I’d try and get it down in text. Please excuse my writing, it’s all over the place when I’m like this. It probably won’t make sense.

You might have noticed that I often go on about wanting an ‘off switch for my thoughts’. Seriously, this needs to be invented for OCD sufferers. It would bring peace, calm and sanity to me.
I’m doing my own head in. I’m my own worst enemy!
I tried sleeping through it earlier. It helped at the time, but now I’m not tired and I can’t sleep through it and this is when I panic.

I really want an ‘off switch’ right now. Imagine not knowing if your own gut instinct is right because you are wrong with it so many times? Your gut instinct can be very useful in tricky situations/challenging times. Take that away and what do you have? A battle with your own mind. A battle against your thoughts. Silly thoughts that you can’t seem to shake off.

Friday night into Saturday morning… I had a bad time with OCD, then I couldnt have been better for the rest of the day.
Today…I had a good morning/afternoon and now it couldn’t get any worse.
Unpredicatable eh?

I’ve been doing so well with my OCD recently but its nagging away again. It’s trying to rear it’s ugly head and I’m really trying my best not to let it take over. It’s exhausting.

Just a thought? Is it just a thought? Why am I thinking it then?


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