Today, I had a list of things to do. But I didn’t work through it in the normal way that usually do.
I put the tasks in order then turned my phone off. “Right, I’m gonna do this without a list”
Three hours it took me to do the things I had to do around the house. This would have normally taken me around five hours because I usually get distracted by my list then have a wee peek at twitter and facebook as you do.
However, doing the tasks without a list caused a lot of stress. It felt like I had too many things swirling through my mind. I couldn’t order those thoughts and that was hard. I had to fight the urge to switch my phone on, look at my list and score off what I had done.
On the up side, I had lots of extra spare time to chill out, which I like doing on Sundays anyway 😀

I kicked your arse OCD!!


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